Walker Smith

The Color Line

"I dare you to walk away from this book uninspired. Readers of all races will learn volumes from this far-reaching new book for our times"

- Hycell B. Taylor, The African-American Revolt of the Spirit



Silent shadows slip unseen

one for one

in lost, forgotten cold-sweat dreams

A misbegotten Love Supreme . . .

Brother—are you really there?

Or is it only hate that waits just east of fate

and fratricidal warfare?


Out of the shadows

and out of the night

Now run . . .

into the light and the bright

and the damn near white

OH! What did I do

to be so black and blue?


Outrun the shadows

outrun the night

Run, boy, run . . .

from get-back-black to broad daylight

hiding . . . in plain sight

What was my crime and

what did I do—to be so black and blue?


blue . . . blue . . . as a Blue Moon tune; a Trane refrain

Forgotten man—time to get in the game

Out of tune and off the beat but

cool . . . no rules

Where all the squares play musical chairs

So grab a seat and don’t be scared

Nobody’s ever really there . . . only shadows


Silent shadows—quick, unseen

air a shared unholy scream

One brother gone—a shadow fades

Let us pray . . .

Day is done, gone the sun . . .

Time has run, shadows come . . .

to leave their footsteps on your grave


Vernal eternal—Equinox!

One for one and son for son

Light eats dark, but dark in Autumn

drinks the light—

So what remains and WHO remains

when bright is pushed aside by night?

. . . That’s right. . . .

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