Walker Smith

The Color Line

"I dare you to walk away from this book uninspired. Readers of all races will learn volumes from this far-reaching new book for our times"

- Hycell B. Taylor, The African-American Revolt of the Spirit



Under-bed treasure

in a little boy’s box

tell the tale—tell it for true

Dutch Masters reading their Down Beat

The secret stash:

a snipped review and old photographs

a Stardust voice that spins on wax

a magic song brings Daddy back


But lies hide in the blues tone

bad-luck tale of a blue stone

So tell the tale—tell it for true

when Stardust came in Colored hues

Of love missed—no Daddy’s kiss—

So goodbye, don’t cry, little one

Stardust on a nappy-head son

who waits for one who never comes . . .


But stardust made this songbird child

Sing, little songbird, sing it for true!

Songbird, sing that rhyme

Hear him singing Stardust—

Let him sing it one more time

sing for the brothers and sing one for you

sing, little songbird, sing it for true

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